Outdoor Mail Box Hidden Camera w/ Cell Phone Messenger (MMS)
Wall Clock MMS Messenger Cam

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Product Description:

Customer must provide AT&T or T-Mobile prepaid SIM card.

This Outdoor Mail Box Hidden Camera hangs on the wall posing as a normal mail box but will send Multimedia Message Service (MMS) images to your phone whenever a nearby person is detected. Simple to install and easy to setup, this camera is an ideal choice for vacation homes, storage units, boat/RV storage spaces and other areas with a primary entry. The camera automatically sends snapshot pictures to your phone in 60 second increments as long as activity in the area continues.

Remote Spy Camera with GSM network compatibility: transmits and receives data via SMS and transmits image data through GPRS using a wireless terminal. Camera provides continual 24 hour, timed monitoring with remote real time audio. With motion detection and Passive Infrared (PIR) body detection, the camera can detect motion of any kind within its monitoring area. Once detected an alarm is sent via MMS to a pre-set mobile phone or e-mail address. The backup lithium battery ensures continual operation even with external power failure.

Extra Features:
* Works with a universally available GSM SIM card
* Easy to install
* control remotely by mobile phone or management system.
* IR LEDs (optional, not available for all the models)
* Professional grade camera
* Support up to 15 pcs wireless sensors and 2 remote controls with panic button (optional).

Multiple Applications:
1.Use at Home:
Protect your family and your assets. Install near doors, windows and other areas you want to monitor. Detect fire and gas leaks and send instant alarm notifications. Monitor your house when you are away.
2. Use in Private Outdoor Property: Remotely monitor who comes onto your property. Install near garages, car ports, storage units, driveway gates, etc.
3.Use on Personal Property: Remotely monitor the valuable items and places that matter to you. Install on your yacht or boat, hotel room, office, factory/shop, vacation home, etc

Connect a maximum of 15 additional wireless sensors, 315 MHz or 433 MHz for all around protection, similar to a conventional alarm system. Use with accessories such as wireless door sensors, PIR sensors, smoke and gas sensors. This is a unique functionality feature offered by this camera system.

**all accessories must be purchased