A Digital Spy Camera Hidden in a Spy Key Chain

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A Digital Spy Camera Hidden in a Spy Key Chain The Key to Truth: A Digital Spy Camera Hidden in a Spy Key Chain

It is a sad fact today that the average person is so busy with so many different commitments that it's difficult to keep track of what's going on in your own household. Everyone keeps secrets. And some of those secrets can threaten the stability and safety of your family. Sometimes, you have no other option but to resort to spying to get at the truth.
  • Spybase has come out with an amazing, unique new product designed for domestic surveillance-a spy key chain. This is a digital spy camera designed to look like the remote control for car door locks. The spy key chain can take pictures and record video and audio, all of which can be easily be retrieved later from your home computer.
  • Obviously, the spy key chain is a great way for you to record people and conversations without other people realizing it. The true genius of the spy key chain, however, is its ability to record other people when you aren't there. What is the one item most people keep on them at all times? You guessed it: their car keys. By attaching this to someone's key ring, they do the work for you of carrying keeping your surveillance device trained on them at all times.
  • The spy key chain contains the world's smallest DVR inside it, along with two gigabytes of built-in flash memory to store all the information it gathers. The camera records real-time color videos at thirty frames a second and a resolution of 640x480 pixels. In addition to video, the camera can take high-quality 1.3 megapixel photos at a resolution of 1280x960. The spy key chain can hold up to 4000 of these large, high-resolution photos.
  • The spy key chain contains a powerful built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The digital spy camera can record constantly for up to two hours before the battery runs out. The battery can be fully recharged in about three to four hours just by plugging it into the USB port of your PC or laptop.
  • Spybase has deigned their digital spy camera so that it is easy and intuitive to access the photos and videos stored in it. The spy key chain connects to your computer with a simple mini-USB cable. The videos are stored in the popular user-friendly .AVI video format, making accessing the playing back the videos later a cinch. Photos are stored in the simple and common .JPG format, making their viewable with any image software.
  • Possible uses for a hidden surveillance camera include:
  • · "NannyCam": Keep an eye on your children's babysitter is you suspect something unsavory is going on.
  • · Husbands and wives can check on their spouses for evidence of infidelity. Where do they really go at night, when they say they're out with friends?.
  • · Parents can keep an eye on their children for any dangerous behavior, such as:
  • o Drinking & Parties
  • o Illegal Drugs
  • o Dating & Sex
  • o Cheating at School
  • o Lying about how and where they spend their free time
  • No other company offers a surveillance device quite like this. For better or worse, Spybase's spy key chain with a built in digital spy camera can help you find out what happens when you're not around.

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