GPS Car Tracker Device OBDII port
GPS Tracking Car Tracker Device Spy System OBDII port

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Does My Vehicle have an OBD II Port?

NO contract NO Activation Fee- Month to Month

All cars and light trucks manufactured for sale in the United States after January 1, 1996 (including late 1995 models) were required to be ODB-II equipped. This port is typically found beneath the dashboard and is required to be within 3 feet of the driver and must not require tools to be revealed - so look under the dash on the driver's side, and behind ashtrays. At only 1.7 x 2.5 x 1 inches, there will be no problem putting BardaTracker in an unobtrusive location under the dash. Even if it is spotted, it gives no indication that it's a GPS tracking device.

Easy installation, reports instantaneous fuel efficiency and percentage of fuel in the tank, entry-level tracking product.
Manage any size fleet with US Fleet Tracking’s OBD-X5

No more wondering why the check engine light is glaring at you.

The OBD-X5 gives you the same great service of LIVE turn-by-turn movement of your vehicles, verify hours of operation, maintenance alerting features and create more than 20 different logs and reports on the fly with US Fleet Tracking’s web-based tracking system.

Empower your crews with detailed data from your vehicles to make the right decisions that ultimately create a more efficient business positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

It’s truly LIVE
This product complies with federal law. It is designed for use only on a device that you own or with the owner's permission


  • Simple installation - snaps into the standardized OBDII port of most vehicles
  • Access to LIVE GPS tracking
  • Virtual Fence and Speed Alert notifications by email or text message.
  • Instantaneous fuel efficiency
  • Reports percentage of fuel in the vehicle's tank
  • Perfect for first-time tracking
  • Lowest cost of operation per update
  • Unparalleled reliability
GPS Screenshot
Dimensions: 2.18 in × 1.8 in × 1.08 in
Product Power Supply: Hard-wired
Extended Battery: No
Portable: No

Quick Overview

  • Fast, Unlimited and Continuous Tracking
  • This easy to use device requires no professional installation and no wiring. Simply plug the MT-OBD directly into any OBDII port located under the dashboard of every car manufactured after 1996. Log into our easy to use tracking website and begin tracking your vehicle wherever it goes.
  • The MT-OBD requires a service plan. You may purchase a plan that best fits your needs.
  • Mobile Asset Solutions presents: The MT-OBD
  • Easy to Use
  • Easily moved from vehicle to vehicle in just seconds.
  • Once the MT-OBD is in place power is automatically supplied through the vehicle's OBD port.
  • Vehicle may be easily located anytime on the secure MasTrack Web Portal and via text message.
  • Security
  • Transmits the vehicle identification number (VIN) each time the tracker is moved to a new vehicle to prevent unauthorized activity and to allow for accurate accountability of usage.
  • Alerts you in the event the vehicle is towed.
  • Location information is transmitted directly to a secure MasTrack server and can only be accessed with an authenticated code.
  • Efficiency
  • Monitors Idling to help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and wear and tear on the engine.
  • Monitors acceleration and deceleration to identify characteristics associated with excessive fuel usage and aggressive driving.
  • Monitors mileage to allow for automatic maintenance alerts.
  • Monitors speed and immediately reports speeds in excess of user set parameters.
  • Updates GPS fix constantly to immediately report events and specified alerts.
  • Customizable Event Reporting (ignition status, speeding, Geofence, VIN, mileage, etc.)
  • Custom Alerting options sent via Email or Text Message
  • Speeding
  • Geofence
  • Ignition On & Off
  • Accelerometer Alerts - Harsh braking & Rapid acceleration
  • Idle
  • Tow
  • Power Up
  • Select the Plan that fits your needs:
  • Auto Reporting- MT-OBD only - March 2012
  • Receive continuous live updates at selected report time intervals.
  • Plan Report
  • Interval
  • On Demand
  • Locates
  • Push Button Alerts*
  • Price per Month $ 29.95 -no contract no activation FEE

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