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This(Those) product (s) complies with federal law. It is designed for use only on a device that you own or with the owner's permission.
Cell Phone Spy:How can you tell if you have spy software on your cell phone?
In today’s world it can be very difficult to fin d spying software that has been installed on your cell phone. All of the top programs run invisibly,and without advanced programming knowledge you are not going to be able to find the spying program.

However,there are several signs that you should be on the watch for if you suspect your phone may have mobile phone spying software installed.

Someone asked to borrow your phone to install a ringtone,wallpaper,or other software program. All legitimate spy software requires the phone to be physically present in order to have it installed.
If you see your phone light up,but it does not ring or receive a message,you may have cell phone spy software installed on your phone. Some of the spying applications are unable to prevent this lighting up when someone is initiating remote monitoring.
There is a large or significant increase in GPRS activity. GPRS (AKA general packet radio service),is how many spy apps transfer the data.
Another sign can be a large increase in SMS or text message activity. If you do not remember sending that many text messages,you phone may have a spy program installed. Several of the major spying software programs use SMS (Short messaging service) to transfer data as well.
Another sign is if you notice the GPRS or internet icon activated on your phone throughout the day when you are not using these services. This is not always the best sign as most of the better programs prevent these icons from activating.
You hear a large number of clicks or strange noises that are present on most or all of your calls.
As you can see,there is not a single method that will allow you to know for sure that a spying program has been installed on your phone. Today’s spying software is too advanced to be easily found. So what options do you have if you think your phone has this software installed?

Well,the only true fix is to take your phone to your cell phone provided. They can wipe all of the data off the phone,and restore its factory defaults. You will lose all of the information on the phone,but you will at least know that your phone does not have cell phone spying software installed on it.

To my knowledge,there is not a countermeasure to these spying programs. Because the installer has to have physical access to your phone,virus protection is useless. Most phones come equipped with various virus protection programs,but these are all short circuited by the installation method. The only method that currently works is ensuring that no one else has access to your phone. Without having your phone they cannot install the spy programs.

There is no need to be worried about someone installing these programs on your phone without access to your phone. There are other types of software and malware that can be loaded onto your phone without accessing it,but these are combated by the antivirus programs that are on the phone. Just remember to now accept any sort of Bluetooth connection that you did not initiate as well.

So the short of it is that today’s cell phone spy programs are virtually undetectable,and that there is no surefire method to see if this software is installed on your phone.


Yes, What You Do Not Know Can Hurt You

(You have the right to know because what you don't know can hurt you.)

With technological advancement, the use of spy equipment is becoming more advanced as well. The wide array of gadgets that are available to help you to find the information you are seeking has gotten very sophisticated. Once the only people that had access to the really good spy equipment were the private detectives and police. Today, the regular citizen can find most anything they need to get the information they need.

Keyghost SX Keylogger

One such item that is available to the public is the Keyghost SX Keylogger. This is essential for finding out everything that happens on a computer. Do you think your spouse is using the computer to communicate with another woman/man? Do you suspect that their meetings are being arranged online? If so, there is only one way to find out for sure. The Keyghost SX Keylogger will record everything that happens on your home computer - or any other computer, for that matter.

Every single word that is typed will be available to you when you use this sophisticated tool to monitor your computer. The incoming and outgoing emails, any instant messages and website addresses are all monitored and at your disposal. It is the latest in spy ware and it is at your fingertips.

Maybe your business handles sensitive material that would be extremely harmful if it fell into the wrong hands. In the cut throat world of business today, whoever is in control of information is in control of what happens. Keeping this information safe is the only way you can ensure that it is safe. By monitoring your computer?s sensitive information you will know if anyone who was not authorized has tried to access it.

The great thing about the Keyghost SX Keylogger is it cannot be detected and it cannot be disabled by using software scanners. Keeping your information safe is the ultimate goal and you can do this when you have the tools to do so. The plug in is between the computer keyboard and the actual computer itself. There are seals that make tampering evident should anyone try to remove the key logger. However, it looks just like it belongs - just like an adapter cord - so the chances of someone suspecting it is spy ware is virtually impossible.

The features of Keyghost SX Keylogger are:

* An access menu that is built in so the transfer of information is high-speed. The Keyghost SX Keylogger is a tool for long-term investigations. This was originally designed with government agencies in mind because it is the ultimate in high-tech equipment.

* Every single keystroke that is entered when this key logger is installed will be recorded and a ?Ghost menu? keeps the information until you are ready to view what it recorded.

* This key logger stores more than 500,000 keystrokes. It is also beneficial for backup when it is vitally important that information put into the computer cannot be lost. There are models which will store even more keystrokes.

ptx 5 : Ultra-Thin GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a GPS system for tracking purposes, one of the best systems you can purchase is the Livewire FastTrac: Ultra-Thin GPS Tracker. This tracker is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. However, do not let the size fool you. This GPS tracking device will allow you to retrieve its location world-wide and watch the movement as it is progressing. A zoom in feature will allow you to see the street the vehicle is traveling on and the speed it is going.

If you need to keep track of someone, there is no better way to find them. Using this device will allow you to know where they are at all times. Are you worried about a cheating spouse? You will not have to follow them to see where they are going. All you have to do is use the GPS tracker and have an alert sent to your cell phone or e-mail when the vehicle leaves the area in which it is located. An update is sent every 1, 5 or 10 seconds via the location from which you are watching the vehicle.

The great thing about this tracking device is it is just a simple little black box. There are no buttons and no power lights. It just tracks and can be anywhere in the vehicle. It does have a sensor that stops the tracking when the vehicle stops. This helps to preserve your battery power.

The ptx 5 : Ultra-Thin GPS Tracker is so precise that it can pinpoint a location within eight inches and the speed within ? mph. There is no software needed and the battery can track about continuously for approximately eight hours. Ninety days worth of history is available as well. The ultimate in tracking, with this GPS tracker installed there is no where the driver can go that you cannot find them.

If you are a private detective or an amateur, it does not matter. You will get the same amazing results from this GPS tracker. The location of the party you are tracking will be shown right down to the street they are traveling. If you do not recognize the address, there is a location look-up feature. So, no matter where the vehicle ends up you will not have a problem finding the location.

If you are interested in watching someone for whatever reason you may have, this is one tool that definitely will interest you. The capabilities are so high-tech that you do not have to worry about anything other than setting the tracker up for viewing on your end. Keeping track of your interests is one way of being aware of what is going on around you and knowing for sure where someone has been. Whether it is for business or professional purposes you cannot go wrong when using the technology that is available to you today.